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Window tinting/vehicles or flat glass

When you are searching for a professional window tinter that has experience more times than not this person will go over what the laws are for your state, however its your choice to put what you choose on YOUR vechile, but remember by doing this you void your warranty and are subject to fine and cost for removal. also when choosing your tinter remember the saying you get what you pay for, and you cant have it good, fast and cheep. you can choose cheep and fast however it wont be good work, or you can choose to be patient and have good work done but its not gonna be fast, and last you can choose cheep but your quality wont be satisfiable due to cheep materials don’t hold up…this applies with any kind of work your having done. Myself I choose to be patient and get a good husband has been doing this type work over 25years he doesn’t like to redo cars he would rather take his time the first time go over everything and make sure the customer is satisfied with the job they paid for. yes there are those others that will do the job quicker not worry about going over anything with the paying customer(and sometimes they do get lucky)but about 70% will come back, either with questions that should have been answered @ time job was done, or most of the time its because they aren’t happy with the work. In these cases not only is customer unhappy but business takes a loss also because of redoing, they loose time and use that much material again. so its my opinion its better to have patience and let the job be done properly the 1st time this way everyone wins…just saying

If you are planning to tint just one car, it’s really not worth the expense of buying tools and window tint and then discovering just how difficult the trade is through trial and error. However, if you plan on tinting several cars, or going into the field, then this is a good place to start. These techniques are by no means the only way to install window tint, some cars demand a combination of techniques. These are merely the basics, a starting point that you can use to begin to teach yourself this most challenging of trades.

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