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About Street Dreams Auto Styling:

Street Dreams Auto Styling is well-known company as we are specialized in the areas of Vinyl Wrapping, Window Tinting and many more Auto related services. We have showed and proved the quality of our best service, which shows our ability to make customers happy and satisfy them with our quality services. Our experienced employees gives Friendly customer service as per customer’s requirement.

We have the best 3M quality products in the market and we deliver the high quality standard of service to all our customers. We believe that the customer satisfaction is the main pillar of success of the company.

Car wrapping is a favorable alternative to painting, it is the ideal solution for individuals looking for an original car design. You can equip your car  with your specific color or  full-scale advertising images, also save  money and preserve the value of your vehicle. The color variations are incredibly vast, we can make great accents with special effect vinyl like pearl, metallic, imitation of leather, scraped (matt) Aluminum, 3D Carbon, Chrome, Chameleon, Metallic

The used films are easily removed again without leaving any residue or damage to the vehicle and offer you a perfect surface result in the appearance and color. Cleaning and care, depending on the choice of color, are no problem with our also available products, because the films are wash-street- & weather resistant and can be polished.

You can be sure that you will receive work of the highest quality, executed with great care and technical know-how, to avoid damage to the vehicle and to ensure long term durability of the wrapping.

We also perform Boats, Helicopter, (Motorcycle) Bike etc.

Street Dreams Auto Styling Strives for 100% overlapping of the original colors with virtually minimal number of connections even on problematic areas such as offsets, folds, etc.. If possible, remove handles, mirrors, beads – just so we can ensure that disguise is really perfect. Normally, only the outer body panels which are painted will be wrapped with a hemmed edge of 3-5mm. This procedure is absolutely enough, if there is a promotional wrapping or if the original paint has just the right color to the color film choice (optimum black).

If the original car color is now very different from the optimal, the inner entrance area and the inside door can be wrapped as well with an additional charge. Depending on the model it is needed to remove add-on parts such as seals, hinges or the doors completely. This increases the workload and thus the price of the wrapping. The result is impressive, however.

The films consist of a high quality PVC material, which is provided for a 3D deformation and can be removed again without adhesive residues. They come in many different color variations and it is possible to produce custom colors or designs using digital printing or color match systems.

The advantage of a wrapping over a painting, is not necessarily on price. The main task of wrapping is to allow a temporary color change. The original idea for the first wraps was to bring full-scale advertising of digital printings on vehicles and remove them again. Later, taxi’s and other companies vehicles, which should be uniform in color, were completely wrapped with foil to avoid the cost of special paint finishes.

Now more and more users in the private sector getting interested on full wraps. As an individual color or effective design has its charms. In addition to the wide range of colors and the extensive possibilities of variation, the film is also like a second skin for the vehicle, which protects the original paint from everyday traces and slight scratches and stone damages. Which means that the value of the vehicle is maintained. Especially for exclusive vehicle models an interesting aspect, as repaint (even if it is an extravagant color) represents there a significant loss of value.

The best case is to lease/buy a new car in black and have it wrapped in your desired color. This saves an extra cost for special color orders, protects the original paint and you can remove the vinyl economical at return or resale and the original paint shines like at the first day. The care and cleaning of the film is comparable with a paint finish – wash-street-resistant and with the correct products it can be polished, waxed or sealed.

If you want to know more about car wrapping or would like a no obligation quote for your car wrap then feel free to Call us 1 619 581 1861 for arrangements.

With every project that Street Dreams Auto Styling takes on, a personal promise is given that no customer will leave unhappy.

We care about each and every one of our clients and will help in whatever way we can with any problem or situation you may incur with your cars vinyl wrap, tinting or anything related to your car.

Focusing on current businesses, we know it’s a tough time for everyone! Even though we are much lower priced than our competitors, we’ll be the first to work with you to meet your budget!

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Car wrapping is the process of covering a car with vinyl panels to give it a whole new image. Not only does it change the color of the car but the car wrap helps to protect the paintwork as well.
A car wrap will completely cover your vehicle, protecting it from scratches, stone chips and other minor abrasions.
If any part of the car wrap does become damaged than that section of vinyl can simply be replaced.

Breathe new life into the appearance of your car by simply changing the color. We have a standard range of over 100 colors in stock, but if you are looking for a something a bit more unique, our team of experts can assist you with any color or style you want. We can even color match to your exact specifications.

Imagine driving your car for the next five years without normal day-to-day damage to its factory paintwork. We don’t just wrap used cars, we can apply vinyl to your car straight out of the showroom! This means, when you decide to unwrap your car, the paint is literally ‘brand new’ underneath.
With a vinyl car wrap from 3M, this is precisely what we aim to achieve. Not only can you breathe new life into the appearance of your car, but you can maintain its residual value too.

Vinyl car wraps allow you the customer to create different and unique effects not easily achieved through re-spraying. All while being much more affordable and completely reversible. Everything from 3D carbon fiber film to chrome or even matte black – the possibilities are endless. The choice is yours!

If you are thinking about a car wrap then there are a few simple steps in the process.

  • Tell us the make and model of your car and the transformation or type of car wrap you have in mind
  • We’ll provide you with a fast, free, no obligation estimate
  • If you decide to go ahead we’ll ask a few questions about the car to make sure it’s suitable for car wrapping
  • You drop off your car with us and we’ll start work. The time it takes depends on the size of your car and the type of car wrap you have chosen.

The time scales range from half a day for a basic part-wrap to a week for a complicated chrome car wrap.

We have more than 300 different colors and each color have different types of affect and shine respectively. Each color has its own expression, which makes your car looking really great, and shines your personality according to what you choose. Our professional team will definitely assist you in all your requirements.

  • Show your true colors and express your uniqueness with stylish wrappings! Stylish special effects: We do customized effects that reflect your individuality. Maintain your prestige: Wrap your paintwork to preserve your car?s beauty. Easy-fix renewals: Your car can be quickly re-wrapped to upgrade its style. Our car wrappings offer an almost limitless selection of colors and styles. The special vinyl protects your paintwork from minor scratches and general aging. Above all, we totally refresh your car’s look, so you’ll feel like you’re driving a new car. Wherever you go, all eyes will be on you!

Vinyl Colors:

We have more than 300 different colors and each color have different types of affect and shine respectively. Each color has its own expression, which makes your car looking really great, and shines your personality according to what you choose. Our professional team will definitely assist you in all your requirements.

Car Protection:

With growing Car Manufacturing Industry, more and more people buy cars and with our daily busy life, we don’t have time to look after our car. Car protection through crystal clear vinyl is the best solution to protect your car, which we are specialized in.

We protect your car from general dents, scratches, and color fading which in return helps in re-sale value. Please appoint with us for free consultation with all your inquiries.

Chrome Wrap:

Chrome is a very exotic, luxury and special kind of a wrap, which makes your car look like a Concept Designed, which normally not all people use to have. Just to make a special and out of the world look of your car, please appoint with us to let you know more about the Chrome wrapping on your car.

We have many different chrome colors with high quality of material and perfect job detailing.

Car Design:

Who will say “NO” to design his car with amazing designs as per his/her imagination.

We design your car exactly as per your imagination and also we provide you with many concepts and ideas accordingly to your design requirement.

Paint Protection, Polish and Detailing:

We not only protect your paint with vinyl , we also do a special kind of polishing which makes your car look bright and shiny.

After wrapping and polishing the car, it looks like a brand new and attracts the attention at once. Why don’t you try for it with the help and advise of our professional team.


We are specialized in Light Protection, we protect your car light with high quality protection film which give an amazing look to the car lights and at the same time protects the lights from dust and rust for long time.

Our operation team will assist you and will provide you the best service you have ever experienced.


When it comes to car wheels, everyone is so concern about the shoes of the car and that’s because it identifies your personality.

We are have special kinds of materials and colors, which changes the look of your car wheels and upgrades the value and pride of the car.

Window Tinting:

Window tinting most of the times is necessary and is very common all over the country, but we should not just use any ordinary window tinting and then regret.

We have a very special kind of window tinting, original 3M films and we do the best quality job for window tinting. Try our job quality before you trust our service and quality.

Boat Wraps:

Never the less, we also wrap the luxury boats with designs according to your requirement. To experience the royal change to your all kind of boats, please appoint with us for detail consultancy.

Corporate Vehicle Branding: (Fleet Graphics / Window Graphics)

Make your company, product or service larger than life with our vehicle graphics services. Whether you apply your logo to a car wrap from fender to glass, wrap a van in your company colors, or wrap a truck with large, colorful product images, full-vehicle wraps display your messages on every side of your vehicle for maximum visibility. Use car wraps to take your messages on the road, turning your vehicles into rolling billboards that broadcast your brand message everywhere your car goes.

Whether your needs pertain to car magnetic, vehicle panels, vehicle lettering or car wraps, we have the solution that is right for you.

Feel free to call us today for any questions about car wraps, or to set up an appointment with us at our business location.

Plastic Dip:

Change your cars – Body,Logo,Rims & Spokes  into different Colors as your wish

Its a very special paint that can be sprayed and removed at any time with out damaging the original paint.
Also its Comes in many colors ( black , red , gold, brown … ) glossy, metallic ,matte , The good thing about this wrapping is that, paint and  its so easy to remove it in anytime, And we are giving 2 years warranty for  bubbles , peel off , color change.

If you are looking for a marketing strategy that is both cost-effective and wide-ranging, you might want to look into vehicle graphics. San Diego businesses can make use of vehicle graphics to create virtually unlimited exposure for their brand, service, or product at the cost of a one-time investment. With vehicle graphics, San Diego businesses can turn their company vehicles into mobile marketing units with the use of large graphics that are designed to conform to the contour of their automobiles. Through vehicle graphics,  San Diego businesses can boost their potential leads by indirectly promoting their brand, product, or service through stunning visuals whenever they deploy their vehicles.

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With vehicle graphics, San Diego businesses need only to invest a fraction of the cost as compared to an outdoor street billboard. Considering the fact that a billboard gets taken down after a month and vehicle graphics can provide up to 5 years of mobile advertising, there is no question as to which one is the more cost-effective investment. On one hand, you have inexpensive vehicle graphics that you can change as often as you want; on the other hand, you have big, costly billboards that only last for a limited time.

Additionally, it is considerably more versatile than a billboard ad in San Diego. When you want to change the look of your ad for a new branding approach, you can easily take the car sticker off for a new one. The design can be adjusted to fit different automobiles, such as vans or buses, and maintain brand integrity throughout.

Vehicle branding in San Diego brings the benefit of being a particularly bespoke service. Businesses can use the contour of their automobiles to creatively depict and advertise their brand, service, or product. Using appropriate colors and designs, advertisements can be made attention-grabbing, even from afar, without being a safety hazard on the road.

Moreover, the reach of your marketing is only limited by the rate at which you deploy your automobiles. An automobile driven 25,000 miles is likely pass 9 million automobiles on the road. Imagine the amount needed to be invested in billboard marketing in order to achieve that much exposure. With vehicle branding in San Diego, you can generate exposure numbering to the tens of thousands to more than a hundred thousand every month. If done properly, vehicle branding can defeat most forms of advertising in San Diego. At such a small budget, using car stickers is a marketing approach that can produce significant value for money.

There are many vehicle branding companies in San Diego, but we are one of the companies who know how to do it well. We understand the potential of vehicle graphics as a marketing method, and we know how to make use of designs in order to properly convey your marketing message to your target market here in San Diego. We are closely familiar with the dynamic of a local market, and we know that people like dealing with businesses in their area. We can use that knowledge to help you promote your brand, service, or product, and you can expect positive results through our collaboration.

  • Highly effective form of outdoor advertising
  • Impactful graphics
  • Modular design
  • Great value for money with high consumer-to-cost ratio
  • Ideal for promoting company brand & products or services
  • Virtually unlimited reach
  • Wide marketing audience


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While our technicians work on your vehicle, we invite you to sit back and relax in our customer lounge. Enjoy complimentary beverages, free Wi-Fi, Netflix streaming, and there are plenty of dining facilities within walking distance. If you’d prefer to drop off your vehicle with us, we will gladly give you a call when it’s done. We also offer specialty services, including pick-up and delivery options, a loaner car program, and mobile services.

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