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There’s a reason that we are the fastest growing commercial and residential window tinting service in San Diego. With well over 7,000 installations since 1999, we have the experience that is unmatched.

We’ve installed window tint in homes throughout southern California from Chula vista to Oceanside and we offer 100% customer satisfaction!

Our installation staff is comprised of the finest security window tint installers assembled under one roof. These are craftsmen who take pride in their work and make certain that each client is happy enough to recommend us to a friend.

We never make our clients wait for an extended period of time for their installation. 95% of our orders are fulfilled in 48 hours or less. We have installed seven homes in one day, so our customers receive the immediate benefit of their investment. We match the right solution to our customer’s requirements.

We have also completed security film installations on hundreds of commercial properties.

Proper window tinting can not only help to keep your home or business cool and comfortable, but it can also help to prevent damage from sun bleaching. And with the top quality window tint offered by Street Dreams Auto Styling, you can achieve that comfortable climate control and sun damage protection without needing to live in the dark. Our window tints are designed to block the sun’s harmful UV rays and to cut glare, but still allow in enough light to make your interior bright and welcoming.

One of our window tint treatment specialists will gladly come to your location and offer you a complete consultation of your options, after carefully listening to your wants and needs. No two jobs are exactly alike, and that’s why the staff from Street Dreams Auto Styling has industry-leading training and why we keep such a wide selection of tints.

Your project will be completed with personalized detail and in a prompt, professional manner. Our competitive pricing merely helps to seal the deal. You can rest assured that your residence or business is in reliable hands while we are at work on your project.

While being visually clear, window tint can come in a range of shades, each with varying degrees of heat rejection and glare reduction. As a rule, the darker and more reflective the product, the more heat it will block in most cases. This heat rejection can be up to 80%, but typically our most used products are around the 60% level — while still allowing plenty of natural light into the property.

The tint is installed on the internal face of existing glass windows and doors; it is trimmed to size and carefully completed making sure there are no bubbles or gaps. Once installed, the customer can clean their windows as usual however must avoid the use of anything abrasive that will scratch the film.

The Benefits of Commercial/Residential Window Tint

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Window tint has the ability to improve comfort in commercial properties by reducing heat that enters through the glass, while still allowing plenty of natural light to enter. By upgrading the building’s glazing, our products can also reduce glare issues, add privacy and protect interiors from the damage caused by UV rays.

We are known for our complete bomb blast protection solutions and offer unique anchoring systems to mitigate the effects of such an occurrence. Our anti-shatter safety film products can protect property and human lives in the event of accidental breakage or spontaneous glass failure, while our security film helps protect businesses against the risk of burglary or vandalism.

At the forefront of the environmental initiative, our expertise in energy saving upgrades allows us to work alongside San Diego Building Owners, Facility Managers, Engineers, Architects and Sustainability Professionals in order to consult on and complete full retrofit projects to improve cooling efficiency while reducing energy usage by up to 30%. Our unique building modeling calculations can provide our clients with an accurate assessment of the proposed enhancements with a typical predicted payback of under 3 years.

In addition to our standard glass window films / tint, we also offer several other product lines such as our Smart Glass & Smart Film / Tint products which can change from clear to opaque by an electronic switch or remote control. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of industry innovation and continue to update our range of solutions for both our new and ongoing clients, adding to our Decorative film options including One-Way Vision solutions.

  • Reduce bills
  • Save energy
  • Block heat
  • Reject 99% of UV rays
  • Reduce glare
  • Add privacy

You take pride in your home. We all do. You have that nice landscaped yard, those gorgeous furnishings — why not take your home’s appearance to the next level by tinting your windows?

We appreciate your individuality, therefore we provide a variety of  colors and types of tint to choose from. Our professional Window Tint Technicians will discuss various film options ranging from color and hue to percentages of heat rejection. You will be provided with a complimentary consultation where our technician will discuss all your options and help you to determine what will fit your needs the best!

Our range of window tints are the most energy efficient products in today’s market. High heat rejection ensures a reduced load on your air conditioning equipment, which in turn helps you increase energy efficiency and reduce your carbon footprint.

You can see savings of up to 30% on your energy costs.

Did you know that on average, over 50% of your energy bill is from air conditioning?

Hundreds of homes all over San Diego have benefited from installing our window tint. With different shades to choose from, we have the right solution to match your property.

As a San Diego home owner, it’s a staggering cost that you’re forced to pay (or deal with excruciating heat). For many home owners the soaring costs can add up to extremely high bills – leaving you searching for ways to reduce your bill.

svingBy controlling the solar heat that enters in through the windows, you’ll reduce the cooling demand on your air conditioner. In fact, you’ll also reduce the glare and UV rays as well. The result lowered monthly energy usage and a lowered demand on your air conditioning system.

You’ll save more money off your energy bill, while staying cool and comfortable all year round.

Let’s face it, everyone likes to save money. Why not cut your yearly energy costs by tinting your home’s windows? Residential film / tint helps to reject the heat from the summer time which ensures a lower electricity bill in the summer.

Don’t forget winter time also! Window film helps to decrease the amount of heat that escapes from your windows while running your heater in the winter. Customers report annual savings ranging anywhere from $250-$725 a year on decreased energy bills. Let us tint your home and enjoy the savings on your heating and cooling bills.

Commercial window tinting can increase employee productivity and comfort as well as saving your company money on heating cost in the winter and cooling costs in the summer.

Direct sun exposure and glare can fatigue eyes and cause eyestrain. Reducing the glare and harsh differences between sunny and shady areas in an office can greatly enhance everybody’s workspace.

Commercial buildings with direct sun light will heat up during the course of the day and enhance the need of running the air conditioning especially for people sitting by the windows.

Installing window tint / film in your office space can reduce the cost of cooling tremendous by reflecting up to 75% of the sun rays.

Heat loss in the cold winter months can cause your heating bills to go up. Installing window film / tints can decrease heat loss by up to 30%.

Small business owners and billion-dollar Corporations understand the importance of protecting their bottom line, and Street Dreams understands this as well. You can significantly reduce your expenses with window tint / film when it comes to energy costs; heating and air conditioning. Your employees will love the comfortable environment which could raise productivity. Installing quality film / tint on your windows can also keep furniture from fading and keep interior looking new. Plus, the building will look sleek and professional. Get high quality long-lasting window films and tint installed today.

Dramatically improve the look of your building in four ways: Window tint / films protect against solar energy for improved comfort, Window tint provides impressive energy savings, Security film provides safety from broken glass, solar window tint protects against ultraviolet damage.

Having beautiful and natural light in your home really improves the quality of your life. However, having too much of it is annoying and damaging to you skin and the upholstery in your home. Not to mention, having high energy bills can significantly reduce the quality of your life. Street Dreams can help by reducing over 75% of the solar energy making its way into your home. Films / tint from Street Dreams can give you better control over the temperature in your home, providing a positive and comfortable environment.

Street Dreams caries with a variety of films / tint that will fit your needs: Provide extraordinary solar control, Patented metalized films / tint that provide superior heat protection in hot climates, Feature a glorious exterior copper finish that makes them a natural compliment to many landscapes, Constructed of metals such as gold, silver and bronze for optimum privacy with minimal heat, Protects from solar heat in the summer and also keeps interior heat inside during the winter.

privcyPrivacy is important. Protect your interior’s belongings from peering eyes. Residential tint provides a reflective appearance that hinders the inside from being viewed on the outside.

Windows are traditionally the weakest and least secure point of any home. A potential burglar or a destructive vandal can easily shatter a window, leaving your home and all your valuables and keepsakes ripe for the taking. And a shattered window not only invites in unwanted intruders, but can also pose a risk to the safety of those people and animals near the broken glass.

Window treatments from Window Tint Street Dreams Auto Styling can radically strengthen and reinforce the windows of your residence, making them almost shatter-proof. If a window treated with window film / Tint is broken, it will typically stay in the frame and will hold together in one piece, rather than forming jagged, dangerous pieces. The security of your home and your family, not to mention of all the possessions within, will be greatly enhanced even as you save money thanks to lowered S.D.G.E. bills, all thanks to window film / tint installed by Street Dreams Auto Styling!

Crime prevention: impedes quick entry through windowpanes and glass doors

Severe weather and accident protection: helps hold panes in place to minimize flying glass due to violent weather or accidents

Enhance your security with enhanced privacy. Block views to confidential information, secure areas, or unsightly areas with the Privacy Series.

Protection of Shattered Glass From Strong Winds

Strong winds can lift large heavy objects into the air and often times they end up smashing your windows! Once the integrity of your home is compromised through the loss of your windows, the hole acts as a funnel that pulls in the air and eventually leads to the loss of your roof. Shutters, Plywood, and other inventions are used to strengthen glass during disastrous windstorms.

Window film can help keep your windows intact. Window specifications are established to qualify window films / tint for their resilience and durability to withstand projectiles and wind-borne debris. There are multiple installation techniques used to attach these films / Tint to your windows to ensure proper security and some are required to meet the testing requirements.

Frosted window film is a decorative and functional alternative to expensive frosted and etched glass. There are an unlimited number of film designs to match all styles of home décor. Frosted film is also available in many colors and shades to highlight any window, door, or mirror.

Frosted window film increases privacy by obscuring the vision of those on the outside, which results in comfort for all household members. For those homes in busy Los Angeles traffic areas, others are less likely to see private daily routines.

Privacy is important to any home owner in San Diego. Frosted window film can be purchased in many thicknesses. This film will obscure the vision of those on the outside, which results in comfort for all household members. For those homes in busy traffic areas, others are less likely to see private daily routines.

99% of ultra-violet rays can be blocked, which results in a safer environment. Not only will decorative frosted privacy window film protect people from harmful rays, it will also protect home furnishings, such as couches and chairs. Interior furniture will not fade from bright light.

Frosted film applied to shower doors, provides the perfect level of privacy in any house. This film is an alternative to hard-to-clean, bulky shower curtains. Bathroom film will not peel if the film chosen is high-quality. Frosted film allows lighting to enter the shower, which most homeowners need.

The frosted window film adds privacy and improves the aesthetics of the shower

Many San Diego homeowners have frosted window film installed to mirrors. In the bathroom, frosted film can give a unique touch to the edges of mirrors. In a bedroom or living room, frosted film can be installed to match the details in furniture woodwork or trimming.

Most San Diego residential curtains and drapes required expensive dry cleaning. Frosted window film is washable and easily to clean. Simply wipe clean with a cloth and mild soap.

Security is a must to any San Diego homeowner. Frosted window film can keep thieves from peering into windows, and from seeing the valuables inside. Homeowners can rest assured that expensive items, such as clocks and antiques, cannot easily be seen.

Windows can be easily scratched or broken. Frosted window film can be purchased with a scratch resistant coating. Should the film be scratched, frosted window film can easily be replaced. Window film can also protect people from shards of glass if the window is broken.

Frosted window film is a decorative and functional alternative to expensive frosted and etched glass. There are an unlimited number of film designs to match all styles of home décor. Frosted film is also available in many colors and shades to highlight any window, door, or mirror.


Avalon Timothy here owner of Street Dreams Auto Styling

Street Dreams has served the San Diego area since 1999 after numerous years of working through out southern California in the window film / tint industry on large scale projects such as hotels, airports and shopping malls no job is too big or small. I found that my true passion lay working with clients to help them improve comfort levels in their properties as well as reduce their energy usage.

I have been involved in window tinting for over 15 years. With Street Dreams I have aimed to increase awareness of what window film can offer in terms of upgrading all types of glass to that of a higher performance.

Street Dreams has had huge success covering multi million dollar residential buildings through southern; while also completing a wide range of commercial projects in retail stores, high rise towers and multiple office spaces.

I have always had a keen interest in environmental issues and window tint is one of those products that can make a significant impact in terms of energy saving and cost reduction. With many residential home-owners based in large scale developments, there is a need to upgrade the glazing performance just to cope with the unique climate in this region. The majority of mass built areas are only finished with average glass and that means the majority of a customer’s utility bill is spent on air conditioning just to feel comfortable. Air cooling takes up around 80% of a typical S.D.G.E. bill, with window film reducing the load by blocking out large amounts of heat, our customers can expect savings of up to 30% per month. This often leads to a return on investment of under 3 years in addition to the daily benefits of a cooler home, protection against fading and less glare from the sun.

Our commercial clients can benefit from our environmentally focused expertise – such as our unique building calculations which show expected savings and an attractive return on investment.

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