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San Diego’s Premier Window Tint Specialists — over 54,000 vehicles tinted and counting!

The benefits of a professionally applied window tint go far beyond improvements in appearance. Although a tint does give any car a sleek look that most of us desire, it also comes with the following benefits:

  • Keeps your car interior cooler in hot temperatures
  • Reduces blinding glare from the sun
  • Makes it easier to hide your valuable possessions
  • Prevents sun rays from causing your interior to fade and dull

At Street Dreams Auto Styling, our Window Tint Specialists help you choose the best window film for your vehicle. We take pride in educating our clients on the remarkable features and benefits of our available window tint selection.

While most people enjoy the added privacy of premium window tint, you can also enjoy most of the benefits of window tint with an elegant crystal clear option. ( Yes, completely clear.) Our clear film can protect you, your passengers, and your vehicle by blocking an impressive 80% of the heat and 99% of the harmful UV rays — while maintaining crystal clear vision through all of your windows.

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We Only Use the Highest-Quality Tint Films

The automotive window tint Street Dreams Auto Styling uses will protect your vehicle, keep you cool, and improve your daily San Diego driving experience. We take pride in exclusively using high-quality window tint products that can withstand the blistering So Cal sunshine.

However, premium window tint is only part of the solution. A quality tint installation requires expert craftsmanship to fit oddly shaped windows flawlessly. Our installers go through extensive training, are manufacturer-certified, and follow the most stringent installation techniques to ensure the finished product exceeds your expectations. We understand that your vehicle is a big investment and we treat your car with the same level of care that we treat our own.

We offer a wide array of high-quality products to help combat the extreme San Diego heat. Street Dreams Auto Styling can help you to find the correct window tint for your needs and have the work done in our shop or off-site if you can provide a garage. We offer many different window tint options to choose from, which all include different shades, options, and warranties.

Not sure which tint is right for you?

Let one of our Tint Technicians show you exactly what tint will be the perfect match for your car or truck. It all depends on the look you want to achieve and how long you plan on keeping your car or truck. We also have colored tints available: red, blue, green, yellow, and chrome. Appointments are recommended, so we can take our time explaining the different options you have available.

Our Top Priority is a Great Customer Experience

While our technicians work on your vehicle, we invite you to sit back and relax in our customer lounge. Enjoy complimentary beverages, free Wi-Fi, Netflix streaming, and there are plenty of dining facilities within walking distance. If you’d prefer to drop off your vehicle with us, we will gladly give you a call when it’s done.

We also offer specialty services, including pick-up and delivery options, a loaner car program, and mobile services.

We can arrange to pick up your vehicle from your home or office and deliver it back to you once we have completed the tinting process.

In order to serve you better, Street Dreams offers a loaner car program. You can drop your car off and we will loan you a car to go about your daily life as usual and we will call you when we have completed your window tinting service. This program is completely FREE of charge!

One of the things that holds many people back from getting the tint service they’ve been wanting is the hassle of not having their car for several hours.  We’ve set out to solve this problem by offering a mobile program where we come to you.

Whether you’re at your home, office, or even the gym, we will come to you. In most cases, we can be done in less than four hours.

We service all of San Diego, including: Bonita· Borrega Springs· Borrego Springs· Campo· Cardiff· Cardiff-by-the-Sea·Carlsbad· Chula Vista· Coronado· Del Mar· El Cajon· Encinitas· Escondido· Fallbrook· Hillcrest· Imperial· Imperial Beach· Jamul· Julian· La Mesa· Lakeside· Lemon Grove· Leucadia· Live Oak Springs· Mission Bay· National City· Oceanside· Pacific Beach· Pala· Point Loma· Poway· Ramona· Rancho Bernardo· Rancho Santa Fe·San Diego· San Marco· San Marcos· San Ysidro· Santee· Solana Beach· Spring Valley· Valley Center· Vista

Window tint removal is a time-consuming, messy, and tedious job. We all have struggled with removing a sticker or label — now imagine removing a sticker the size of a window with glue that’s meant to keep that sticker seamlessly attached to its surface. That’s what tint removal is like!

Every speck of glue, residue, and tint must be completely removed, including under the rubber weather stripping and the hard-to-reach corners that require special tools and techniques. Often the door and other panels need to be removed, because any speck left on the glass will result in a bubble or imperfection when tint is applied over it.

Many people mistakenly think they can remove tint themselves to save a little money. This usually results in them using harsh chemicals that stain, bleach or eat up their interior permanently, scratching or gouging the glass, and the most popular of all disasters when removing window tint — destroying the rear defrosters when they can be saved by using the proper techniques.

After all that, the result is nowhere near clean enough to be tinted. This is why any total car tint removal and re-tint job takes an entire day. We might make it look easy, but that’s because were professionals. The truth is, it takes hours and hours of practice to get the job done right in less than a day.

Stop driving around with old tint that’s faded, bubbling, or peeling. Come on down and get your car or truck re-tinted today. Our tint technicians at Street Dreams Auto Styling will take all of the necessary precautions while removing your old tint to ensure that no damage is done to your vehicle. Call or drop by today !

Your trust is important to us and we pride ourselves in taking care of our customers’ vehicles as if they were our own. We will do everything we can to exceed your expectations for a window tinting service!

Street Dreams Auto Styling has been San Diego’s premier window tint solution for decades — with over 54,000 happy customers since 1990. Our philosophy of quality above all else has allowed us to be a true leader in the market. We back our work with a strong customer service pledge to do our best to resolve any issue in a prompt and courteous manner. This level of expertise and professionalism has led to our continued growth every year.

Street Dreams Auto Styling has experience in every area of window tinting. If there’s glass, Street Dreams Auto Styling can improve it. We have been perfecting sunlight for over 15 years now.

The next time you’re on the road, look around. You will probably see purple, bubbled film that is peeling away from the glass. Cheap window tint typically can’t stand up to the elements, because it was made with inferior materials. Those people will spend a lot more in the long run to peel the bad window tint off and re-install a quality product.

Low-quality tint shops are looking to sell you a cheap, temporary fix — we offer a long-term solution.

The Benefits of Window Tinting

Not only does the San Diego heat cause discomfort, it can also be hazardous to your health. The health hazards lurking inside car interiors, where most Americans spend 90 minutes on average each day, have largely escaped scrutiny. Air quality decreases during times of hot temperatures, because the heat and sunlight essentially cook the air, along with all the chemical compounds lingering in your car, and you breathe that in.

On January 11, 2006, the Michigan-based Ecology Center released a report entitled: “Toxic at Any Speed: Chemicals in Cars and the Need for Safe Alternatives.” In this report, researchers detail how heat and ultraviolet (UV) light can trigger the release of a number of chemicals inside cars that are linked to birth defects, premature births, impaired learning, and liver toxicity, among other serious health problems.

Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (or PBDEs, often used as fire retardants) and phthalates (chemicals used to soften plastics) are the primary culprits. Parts of seat cushions, armrests, floor coverings, and plastic parts in most car interiors, all contain chemicals that are easily inhaled or ingested through contact with dust by drivers and passengers. The risks are greatest in summer, when car interiors can get as hot as 192º F.

How Can San Diego Drivers Reduce the Risks of Pollution Inside Car?

San Diego motorists can reduce their risks by rolling down car windows, parking in the shade, and using interior sun reflectors. However, the Ecology Center is urging car makers to stop using such chemicals in the first place.

“We can no longer rely just on seatbelts and airbags to keep us safe in cars,” says Jeff Gearhart, the Ecology Center’s Clean Car Campaign Director and co-author of the report. “Our research shows that autos are chemical reactors, releasing toxins before we even turn on the ignition. There are safer alternatives to these chemicals, and innovative companies that develop them first will likely be rewarded by consumers.”

Window Tint can reduce anywhere from 30% to 80% of the heat that is allowed to penetrate your automobile windows, depending on what type of window tint you purchase. In fact, some window tint can reduce infrared penetration by as much as 97%.

Driving in San Diego is definitely an activity that can cause a strain on your eyes. In addition to activities that cause you to focus the eyes for long periods of time, some environmental factors can add to the stress placed on your eyes, such as brightness and glare. Direct light causes the most glares.

Reducing glare will dramatically reduce the strain on your eyes. Glare is caused by the reflection of light off of surfaces and is a primary cause of eye strain. You can get rid of glare by controlling the light source, the surface reflecting it, or by filtering it before it reaches your eyes with window tint. Controlling the sun and other reflective surfaces is impossible in daily life, so this leaves window tinting as the obvious solution.

Eye strain can severely diminish the quality of your life. It can also be difficult to diagnose eye strain. Treating it is not that difficult, but the best way to treat eye strain is to prevent it in the first place.

Overall, exposure to ultraviolet radiation from sunlight (radiation referred to as UVA or UVB) accounts for about 90% of the symptoms of premature skin aging. UVB primarily affects the outer skin layers. It is most intense when sunlight is brightest. People receive slightly over 70% of their yearly UVB dose during the summer.

UVA penetrates more deeply and efficiently. The intensity of UVA rays is less dependent on the time of day and season of the year than that of UVB rays.

The sun is the most important cause of prematurely aging skin (a process called photo aging) and skin cancers. Overall, exposure to ultraviolet radiation from sunlight (radiation referred to as UVA or UVB) accounts for about 90% of the symptoms of premature skin aging. Most of these effects occur by age 20.

Even small amounts of UV radiation trigger the processes leading to skin wrinkles. Long-term repetitive exposure to sunlight adds up, and likely is responsible for the vast majority of unwanted consequences of aging skin, including basal cell and squamous cell cancers.

Intense exposure to sunlight in early life is an important cause of melanoma, a particularly aggressive type of skin cancer.

Initial Damaging Effects of Sunlight. Ultraviolet radiation penetrates the layers of the skin. Both UVA and UVB rays cause damage leading to wrinkles, lower immunity against infection, aging skin disorders, and cancer. They appear to damage cells in different ways, however.

UVB is the main cause of sunburns, and primarily affects the outer skin layers. UVB is most intense at midday when sunlight is brightest. People receive slightly over 70% of their yearly UVB dose during the summer. We receive only 28% during the remainder of the year. Window glass filters out UVB.

UVA penetrates more deeply and efficiently. The intensity of UVA rays is less dependent on the time of day and season of the year than that of UVB rays. For example, you receive only about half of your yearly UVA dose during the summer months, with the balance spread over the rest of the year.

Unfortunately, window glass does NOT filter out UVA. Window tint is not an option at this point, it’s a necessity.

Both UVA and UVB rays cause damage to the body, including genetic injury, wrinkles, aging skin disorders, and skin cancers. Exactly how they cause this damage is not yet fully understood.

Street Dreams Auto Styling window tint blocks 99% of both UVA and UVB rays, and some window tint will even block 99.9%. San Diego drivers who commute on a regular basis are 50% more likely to develop skin cancer on the left hand side of their face and left arm with no UV protection on their windows.

Ever had your window smashed in on your automobile and then continue to find glass for the next year every time you vacuum? Window breakage can be messy and if you’re in an accident, it can even be dangerous. Because window tint is applied with an adhesive to hold the film on the window, it actually holds the window together during the event of glass breakage.

It’s easier to show you than tell you, so we encourage you to check out our gallery to see some of our previous tint jobs for yourself. This will give you an idea of how dark you want to go, and what color you think best complements your vehicle and personal taste.

We want you to be happy with your window tint selection, so we always take as much time as you need consulting you to find the film that best complements your automobile.

If you would like to submit your vehicle for display in our web photo gallery, please let us know and we will bring our camera when we service your vehicle.

The San Diego sun and heat fades fabric colors and dulls surfaces. Darker colors and finer weaves are particularly susceptible to the effects of the San Diego sun and heat. A premium window tint blocks the scorching heat and UV rays from damaging the interior of your vehicle to keep it looking new for a lifetime.

Window Tint can give you an edge on doing your part to help the environment. By keeping your car cooler and using less air conditioning during the warmer months, you  use less gas — saving you money and reducing your emissions. This is just one more great reason to invest in premium window tint for your vehicle.

A Street Dreams Auto Styling gift certificate is the perfect gift for your loved one who LOVES their car! Give the gift of expert window tinting. Ask us about it!

Auto Window Tinting in San Diego is what we offer to individuals, dealerships, and commercial businesses including limousine companies and company fleet vehicles. Street Dreams Auto Styling is the preferred window tinting company for some of the most exclusive luxury car dealerships in San Diego, due to our tremendous knowledge and experience.

Additionally, our warranty is your assurance that you will receive expert installation that will last for years to come. Call / Text (619) 581-1861 to learn more about what makes us the leading San Diego window tinting company.

Surround Yourself With Stunning Window Tint From Street Dreams Auto Styling Today.

The concept of window film/tint for use in solar control flat glass application dates back to the early 1960s. At that time, the main objective was to control the heating and cooling imbalances that result from solar loading. Such early tint/films were found to reflect solar radiation back from a window, preventing the warming of inside surfaces normally hit by direct sunlight while still allowing vision through the glass.

As the window film tint concept was developed and improved upon, a demand developed for colored sun control film/tint that would complement architectural design. Coloration of film/tint was achieved through various means to produce colors such as bronze, grey, gold, amber, etc.

The energy crisis of the early 1970s prompted an interest in another aspect of window film use: the reduction of heat loss to the outside. It was discovered that polyester film/tint tended to absorb and reradiate long wave infrared heat rather than act as a transparent medium. Through experimentation, new film/tint materials and constructions were developed that enhanced this characteristic. These tint/films greatly improved heat retention within a room’s interior.

With escalating energy costs, products such as window film/tint are increasingly valuable as an investment for commercial and residential owners and commercial facility managers.


Avalon Timothy here, owner of Street Dreams Auto Styling.

First off, I would like to thank you for giving Street Dreams Auto Styling the opportunity to earn your business. I understand that window tint is not a subject that comes up in the average day-to-day conversation, so I hope this web site answers all of your questions and concerns. If not, please don’t hesitate to call us.

Window tint is a true luxury item, once only reserved for limousines and celebrities. The benefits are wonderful and window tint also looks great, of course. Whether you’re considering purchasing window tint for yourself or as a gift for a loved one, it is truly a gift that keeps giving for years to come. Health, style, safety, and comfort are benefits that never get old.

Window tint also helps you protect the most precious of all occupants, precious newborn babies. The sun highly irritates babies in the car by keeping them awake and making them uncomfortable. In addition to preventing unnecessary tantrums, window tint also protects their eyes from tiny glass particles in the case of an unforeseen accident.

The sun is the most destructive thing known to us humans. UV rays cause us to age faster by destroying the skin on a cellular level. Squinting causes crows feet on the eyes and emphasizes facial expression marks on the forehead,  making us look older than we are. In addition to aging effects, the sun also damages our eyes. We all want to enjoy our eye sight for as long as we can and window tint helps us do that.

Discomfort from heat and glare are only a couple of the many problems that window tint solves. How many times have we left valuables in our car, sitting in plain sight, simply because we were in a rush or knew we’d be right back? These items that we take for granted, such as laptops, smart phones, purses, and wallets — they can easily add up to thousands of dollars lost if stolen. The fact is, most car break-ins are a result of tempting thieves to smash your window because they see something they can grab quickly.

Window tint dramatically reduces this risk by keeping your valuables hidden. The average criminal is looking for something they can steal quickly and don’t want to risk getting in trouble without a guaranteed reward. However, we recommend that you always keep valuable items hidden, regardless of whether your windows are tinted or not.

Finally, one of the key benefits of window tint is that it preserves the value of your car. It’s such a shame to see car interiors that are cracked and faded when it could’ve been easily prevented with a good window tint.

Car tint is a luxury item that I’m proud to have built my business around. Not only does it dramatically improve the appearance of your vehicle, but all of the benefits are truly amazing for such a small investment.

Let’s make life as comfortable as possible

Owner Street Dreams Auto Styling.

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While our technicians work on your vehicle, we invite you to sit back and relax in our customer lounge. Enjoy complimentary beverages, free Wi-Fi, Netflix streaming, and there are plenty of dining facilities within walking distance. If you’d prefer to drop off your vehicle with us, we will gladly give you a call when it’s done. We also offer specialty services, including pick-up and delivery options, a loaner car program, and mobile services.

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