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Need us to come to you? We’ll tint your vehicle at home or work, while you go about your day as usual!

Street Dreams Auto Styling has provided convenient mobile window tinting services for San Diego and the surrounding area since 1999. We specialize in on-site window tint installation and removal.

We have become one of the leading mobile window tint services in San Diego County by making customer service our top priority. We only offer the highest-quality window tint available today and our tint specialists have the experience to get the job done right.

Our mobile fleet is equipped to offer tinting services for:

  • Cars, Trucks, and SUVs
  • Boats
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Commercial and residential property windows/glass
  • RVs

These days, time is more valuable than ever — so let us save you some time with our convenient mobile window tinting service!

Our staff consists of only highly-trained individuals that take pride in their work. We strive to make sure our clients are satisfied with the quality of the tint films we use, as well as the craftsmanship in our installation.

Street Dreams Auto Styling is trusted by car dealerships, boat dealers, glass companies, auto body shops, stereo shops, and by people from all over the San Diego Area. We understand that quality is absolutely critical and have built our reputation by only delivering first-class service.

Our mobile window tinting service allows you to improve the appearance of the car from the outside, while improving your comfort from the inside. Additional benefits of window tint include: increased security, protection from shattered glass during an accident, upholstery protection, enhanced privacy, and reduced strain on vision while driving. Our window tint will also greatly cut down on heat during the San Diego Summer months.

If you’d like to have your car tinted, but don’t have time to deliver your vehicle to our location, then call our office today. One of our mobile window tint units will come to your home or office and tint your vehicle at your location. We’ll even bring a full selection of shades, so when we get there you can choose from 5% to 70% crystal clear California Legal.

After the installation process is finished, the tint technician will call to inform you that your service has been completed. At that point, you can check the work to make sure everything is complete and that you are 100% Satisfied.

Following your approval, we will return your keys, clean up our working area, and then you may submit payment. You’ll receive your Invoice and Warranty information at the time of payment.

Our Tint Warranty provides you with a Guarantee that your tint will have no purple, no bubbling, no peeling, and no gaps!

Contact us today to have a professional window tint installation, without having to leave your home or deal with traffic.

Call or Text (619) 581- 1861

You’re probably wondering why anyone would want to tint their windshield.

For windshields, we use a clear ceramic window tint (97%) that is crystal clear to the eye, but offers all of the great benefits of having tinted windows.

This includes: infrared rejection, heat rejection, UVA and UVB protection, and even a reduction in glare. However, your vision won’t be obstructed at all because you won’t even be able to see the film.

Window tint removal is a time-consuming, messy, and tedious job. We all have struggled with removing a sticker or label — now imagine removing a sticker the size of a window with glue that’s meant to keep that sticker seamlessly attached to its surface. That’s what tint removal is like!

Every speck of glue, residue, and tint must be completely removed, including under the rubber weather stripping and the hard-to-reach corners that require special tools and techniques. Often the door and other panels need to be removed, because any speck left on the glass will result in a bubble or imperfection when tint is applied over it.

Many people mistakenly think they can remove tint themselves to save a little money. This usually results in them using harsh chemicals that stain, bleach or eat up their interior permanently, scratching or gouging the glass, and the most popular of all disasters when removing window tint — destroying the rear defrosters when they can be saved by using the proper techniques.

After all that, the result is nowhere near clean enough to be tinted. This is why any total car tint removal and re-tint job takes an entire day. We might make it look easy, but that’s because were professionals. The truth is, it takes hours and hours of practice to get the job done right in less than a day.

Stop driving around with old tint that’s faded, bubbling, or peeling. Come on down and get your car or truck re-tinted today. Our tint technicians at Street Dreams Auto Styling will take all of the necessary precautions while removing your old tint to ensure that no damage is done to your vehicle. Call or drop by today !

A Street Dreams Auto Styling certificate is the perfect gift for your loved one who LOVES their car! Give the gift of expert window tinting. Ask us about it!

We Provide a Tinting Solution for Auto Dealerships

As a fleet manager, you’ll also love our mobile window tinting service. Street Dreams Auto Styling works with some of the biggest auto dealerships in San Diego. We realize that convenience and reliability are key to making your customers happy and we want everything to go as smooth as you do.

We service all of San Diego, including: Bonita· Borrega Springs· Borrego Springs· Campo· Cardiff· Cardiff-by-the-Sea·Carlsbad· Chula Vista· Coronado· Del Mar· El Cajon· Encinitas· Escondido· Fallbrook· Hillcrest· Imperial· Imperial Beach· Jamul· Julian· La Mesa· Lakeside· Lemon Grove· Leucadia· Live Oak Springs· Mission Bay· National City· Oceanside· Pacific Beach· Pala· Point Loma· Poway· Ramona· Rancho Bernardo· Rancho Santa Fe·San Diego· San Marco· San Marcos· San Ysidro· Santee· Solana Beach· Spring Valley· Valley Center· Vista

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While our technicians work on your vehicle, we invite you to sit back and relax in our customer lounge. Enjoy complimentary beverages, free Wi-Fi, Netflix streaming, and there are plenty of dining facilities within walking distance. If you’d prefer to drop off your vehicle with us, we will gladly give you a call when it’s done. We also offer specialty services, including pick-up and delivery options, a loaner car program, and mobile services.

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