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Meet the mechanics that care! Call (619) 336-9555

Get your car repaired or serviced at N.C. Motor Sports! Since 2000 we have been offering personalized car repair services, great customer experience and value for money, as well as a viable alternative to the expensive and often overbooked dealership service centers. After all, we are the mechanics that care!

  • Everyone – from the mechanic, to the workshop manager, are there to answer your questions and help you understand what’s going on
  • Fast service – we will try to get you back on the road as soon as possible
  • We use the latest professional computer-based and electronic diagnostic tools
  • As a wholesale buyer, we procure spare parts at substantial discounts from the official importers of genuine spare parts
  • We do not just blindly “replace” everything that the diagnostic computer shows as faulty – in fact, on a number of occasions customers were quoted a large bill of materials (in the thousands) by a “qualified” service center, only for us to find out that the source of the problem was a $60.00 sensor
  • We are still practicing that long-forgotten by some mechanics art of “repair” instead of “replace”- of course, where safe, feasible and possible
  • We use genuine spare parts, OEM replacements and performance parts from manufacturers such as Bosch, Bilstein, Brembo, Febi, Denso, K&N, Edelbrock, Takeda, Hayden, and many more tried and verified sources
  • Did we mention the great value for money?

If your dealer is charging too much, call us and we will beat that price by as much as 50%, and we’ll use the same genuine parts that the official dealership is using!

If the quote on your repair is higher than the value of the vehicle, call us and we’ll try to help you – either by getting the car fixed at a lower rate, or by buying the car from you!

We offer comprehensive car fleet management services that will significantly decrease your vehicles’ out-of-service average times. Our preventive maintenance program offers measurable results and short ROI intervals by offering a single point of contact, by minimizing the amount of time your employees spend on managing service operations, by minimizing the amount of time your vehicles spend at our service center, by providing fast and efficient roadside assistance and by carefully planning your fleet management operations.

Mechanical & Electrical

We undertake major and minor repairs of all types of light vehicles, European, American and Japanese vehicles. Our mechanics are certified and well experiences and have the latest Computer Diagnostic and Scanning Tools.

We insist on only genuine parts and accessories.

Our Services Include:

  • Major Service – with 100 point check
  • Minor Service – with vital area check
  • Routine Maintenance (for stored or low mileage vehicles)
  • Engine Repairs and Tuning
  • Break Service and Repairs
  • Emission Adjusting
  • Air Condition Repairs and Top-up
  • Injector Testing and Service
  • Tire Replacement, Wheel Alignment and Balancing

Do not hear from us only

While our technicians work on your vehicle, we invite you to sit back and relax in our customer lounge. Enjoy complimentary beverages, free Wi-Fi, Netflix streaming, and there are plenty of dining facilities within walking distance. If you’d prefer to drop off your vehicle with us, we will gladly give you a call when it’s done. We also offer specialty services, including pick-up and delivery options, a loaner car program, and mobile services.

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  • Call or Text (619) 581- 1861
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