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We are pleased to introduce “Street Dreams Auto Styling” as one of the leading companies in providing mobile detailing services to the transportation industry in San Diego. We are very proud to offer an unrivalled range of detailing services designed to meet the needs of our customers. Our services include car, aircraft, boat fabric seats shampooing; cleaning vinyl, glass and leather; polishing and paint protection of cars; and detailing of cars, aircrafts and boats.

Over the last decade we have engaged in providing mobile detailing services for our valued customers. We have a wealth of experience and detailing is our full time profession. We are well equipped with state of the art tools and equipment. We are offering our unrivalled range of detailing services designed to fully meet the needs of our customers who demand the very best in car care for their vehicles at a very reasonable price. We also provide these services at competitive rates for leading vehicle distributors, showrooms, corporate and companies in the. We are committed to continue providing our professional quality services to your satisfaction. Our attention to detail and quality of the service have proven that we are the best. We undertake to provide you the best professional service to the highest possible standard for your satisfaction. Call us today to see the auto detailing difference!

We are dedicated to provide our customers the highest quality detailing and polishing service with trained and skilled employees and state of the art equipment delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, passion and dedication.

Street Dreams Mobile Detailing  was founded in 1999. In just over fifteen years we have grown from nothing more than a vision to become one of the most successful car care businesses in San Diego. Car care is not simply what we do, rather it is an intrinsic part of our lives that we are very passionate about. Now we are one of the leading mobile  detailing companies in San Diego specializing in the services that make your car new and fresher then ever. During this time we have also expanded our services to cover aircraft cleaning, polishing and cleaning of marine boats.

Auto detailing is no ordinary job. It needs a comprehensive understanding of what solutions work out for different surfaces, textures and even colors. It also needs one to understand the degree of pressure needed for different spots on the automobile, say the chairs or the door handles. Car detailing requires professional attention, well trained professionals that have the experience to restore your shining car. Being done professionally, it also needs innovation as the driving force to stand out in the crowd and deliver detailing job that car-owners love.

Our automobile detailing process uses advanced technology that enables us to offer top level service and high level efficiency to meet your needs. We are most known for these attributes, besides convenience, upscale quality and integrity. We are committed to provide our professional quality services to your satisfaction. Over the last ten years, our quality work has proven that we are the best in the field. We are well equipped in addition to well trained and dedicated staff. Plus we have offered quality professional detailing service at a great price during this time.

Exterior detailing involves cleaning and bringing a shine to the car’s paint, chrome trim, windows, wheels, and tires as well as all other visible components on the exterior of a vehicle. The three main components of exterior car detailing are cleaning, polishing, and protecting.

Your car operates in an environment that impacts the quality of the exterior .The exterior is sensitive to a host of hazards such as road salt, pollutants and bird droppings. Any and each of these elements can eat away at the cars’ metal, chrome and paintwork.


It is not always obvious that regularly cleaning your car reduces maintenance costs. An important factor is corrosion. When mud, dust and other dirt build up on the exterior of the car it stimulates corrosive wear. At best this leads to expensive exterior overhauls as the paint loses lustre and at worst it can cause so much damage that the metal underneath the paintwork is exposed and rust develops. Repairing rust spots can be a very expensive exercise and often involve re-spraying complete panels. Scratches and stone chips on the paintwork can also lead directly to rusting so it is important to touch up any scratches or stone chips with matching paint which is usually available from dealers or specialist car parts shops.

Detailing the exterior of your vehicle is to get down to the details of your vehicle exterior to make it shine. This is not a quick wash or wax service. My Car Polish offers different levels of exterior detailing, depending upon the age and upkeep of your vehicle. We make even the worst-case scenarios come out shining like new, and if your car isn’t in too bad shape, we can make the exterior of your automobile glisten like it did the day you drove it off the showroom floor!

The goal of an exterior detailing job on your vehicle is to:

  • Bring out the maximum shine and lustre of the paint finish.
  • Remove or minimise light surface scratches and imperfections.
  • Apply a protective paint sealant.
  • Meticulously clean, revitalise and protect every inch of the exterior surface, including the trim, glass, wheels, door jambs, fender-wells and tires.

We offer a wide variety of exterior car care services for your vehicles. These exterior car care services include:

  • Full body wash, compounding and waxing.
  • All exterior parts cleaning.
  • Special wheel polishing.
  • Engine steam cleaning and quoting.
  • All glass cleaning and polishing.

The interior of your car suffers daily wear which leaves marks and scratches on the trim and builds up dirt on the seats. Vacuum your car regularly and treat the dash with a protective product. Clean and buff leather seats and clean spills on upholstery quickly to prevent permanent stains. Keep in mind that regularly cleaning your car inside will mean that when you periodically send it for a detailing, the detailing firm will be able to devote their energies in deep cleaning and finishing rather than wrestling with the accumulated day-to-day dirt. Everyone likes a clean car and a buyer is likely to be more impressed with a car that looks well maintained

Whilst a good cleaning regime will ensure that the car is pleasant to occupy and will help in preserving the exterior, it is important to have it professionally cleaned on a regular basis. We use a comprehensive range of systems and topical cleaning products, designed specifically to address specific areas. The combination of the tools and products can in many cases achieve a far more thorough clean than those available in quick wash. Families in particular will know how tough children can be on car interiors, with feet marks on dashboards and on the rear of the front seats.


The carpeting, upholstery, and vinyl and leather surfaces all trap dust, dirt, food particles, grease, body oils, animal hair, mud and tar – all which stain and degrade the textile fibres – and these are just the things you can see. Invisible to the eye are contaminants, germs, mould, and odours that result from ample living, creating an unhealthy and unclean environment. Beginning with a thorough inspection to identify problem areas, we take a number of factors into consideration when assessing a customised interior detailing:

  • Type and age of the vehicle
  • Condition of all the interior surfaces like the console, gauges, chrome, wood finish
  • Type, composite, and wearing, cracking or damage to upholstery such as leather, vinyl and fabric.
  • Headliner
  • Seat belts
  • Carpets
  • Extent of stains and where they are on the carpeting and interior
  • Source of odours

These factors help determine how much time, which processes are required and the tools and chemicals needed to effectively clean and condition the interior. This includes a thorough cleaning, sanitising, and conditioning of all interior components and materials including headliner, dash, console, seats, floor-mats, carpets, map pockets, cup holders, vents, switches, and buttons. When you get your vehicle back, it will smell fresh, clean, dry and spotless.

dentl-2Upholstery cleaning:

The vehicle upholstery gets affected very often by stains and it is difficult to remove such stains and dirt by vacuum. Even hard vacuuming is insufficient to remove tough dirt, stains, discolouring, etc. Seats are carefully removed and well cleaned with shampoos and conditioners and then restored. We do not use chlorinated hydrocarbons which make the process environment friendly.

Seat and carpet steam shampooing

We are using high quality shampoos and conditioners, we can remove dirt and discolouring from the seats and carpet completely without damaging the seats and carpets and giving back its original look and makeup.

dentl-3Vinyl and leather cleaning and conditioning

High quality vinyl and leather cleaners and conditioners are used to restore life and colour of vinyl and leather interiors leaving it with a rich, natural shine unlike the shiny coat commonly available.

Dashboard polishing

We use specially formulated shampoos for the removal of dirt and stains from the dashboard. First we clean the dashboard and then we apply the polish to the dashboard which in turn leaves it shiny and gives its own original look.

dentl-4Internal parts, door and roof shampooing

Stains on the internal parts, doors and roof of the car are more likely to the spotted by anyone and usually the easiest parts to get discoloured over the time. Using ultra high foaming and non streaking formulated shampoos and quality chemicals, we clean the doors and roof inside of the car and get rid of those stains and dirt on the doors and roof.

dentl-5Body paint protection will protect your vehicle’s precious finish against harmful environmental elements such as UV rays, bird droppings, tree sap, dirt, stains, acid rain, detergents, silicone spray, etc.

Paint protection provides the ultimate mirror finish protective coating which remains flexible and allows the paint surface to remain natural and flexible with temperature changes. Protection product is made from liquid glass, which adhesives to the paint and provides a chemical bond. It will not wash off, crack or peel and will continue to perform its function for a guaranteed number of years.


Paint protection provides the following benefits:

  • Protects and enhances new car shine
  • Makes washing easy
  • Eliminates waxing and polishing
  • No polymers
  • Preserves resale value of a new car
  • Increases resale value of an used car
  • More accurate colour matching for touch ups and panel work

Protection Service for Fabric, Carpets, Vinyl and Leather

xFabric, carpets, vinyl and leather require special treatment to withstand liquids and dirt. pets, children and many lifestyle factors can lead to early deterioration of your fabric seats and vehicle’s carpet.

After shampooing of the car and subsequent drying up of the seats, carpets, vinyl or leather, a special chemical is sprayed on the carpets, fabric, vinyl or leather of your car so that no stains or dirt will be able to “stick” on to the upholstery of the car. The chemical will gently settle on the fabric, making it easy to remove the dirt and stains. After this process any liquid matter will not seep inside the carpet and it remains on the top.


The following are the benefits of protection of fabric and carpets:

  • Will not make any mark or discolour
  • Blocks out UV rays
  • Maintains natural softness and quality of fabric, carpets, vinyl and leather
  • Preserves resale value of a new car
  • Improves resale value of an used car
  • Forms a barrier against all liquids and contaminants allowing spills to be easily removed using a cloth or towel

Automotive Paint Protection Film:

There are many places on your car or truck where you can protect your vehicle from chips, scratches, scuffs, road grime stains, bug stains, rust and most freeway debris.

Paint protection film can protect your automobile and keep its appearance as new for years to come…

Generally, the correct definition for the term car detailing is to meticulously clean, polish and protect all parts of a vehicle from top to bottom, inside and out, using specialist tools and products that would not normally be used by your typical car cleaner. It does not however, include paintwork and body repairs although sometimes light cosmetic restorative work will be undertaken, for example stone chip touch ups and clear coat wet sanding, depending on the condition of the vehicle and the detailer in question.

The main area and aim of car detailing is to fully enhance and restore the vehicles paintwork by eliminating light scratches and swirl marks that have been inflicted over time and that reflect the light in such a way that they give an unsightly cob webbing effect on the surface of the paint or clear coat.

The general practice of car detailing is undertaken to ensure that the vehicle is kept in as good condition as possible during ownership. Once a full detail has been undertaken, mini details or maintenance cleans can be performed on a regular basis which will not be as involved as a full detail yet will help to give all parts of the vehicle that ‘just detailed’ look.

Car detailing helps to retain much of a vehicles original value and it can also add a considerable amount to the value of older more neglected or abused vehicles that have never seen that level of care.

Overall, car detailing is the process of thoroughly cleaning, enhancing, restoring and protecting all parts of a vehicle, in order to keep it looking its very best and retain much of its value and a detail differs from your average car clean because of the levels of involvement, the time spent, the tools and products used and the quality of results that are achieved by the end of the process.

Why should you get your car detailed? Over time, trim, rubber, plastic, and the paint of your vehicle can show the effects of the damage. With an auto detailing service, you can be rest assured that your vehicle is being cleaned with micro-fibre clothes, gentle cleansers and is being treated by solvents and solutions that help your paint job to last through the years.

When it comes to interior detailing, nothing beats an auto detailing service. These experts know how to get to the hard to reach places in your vehicle in order to clean every nook and cranny to get your vehicle looking great. These professionals are also masters when it comes to auto carpet cleaning in order to remove stains and odours.

If you are serious about the appearance, increasing the longevity and maintaining the highest resale value of your vehicle, consider the following benefits of detailing your car.

It Feels Like New

Remember when you first drove your car when it was brand new. Getting your car detailed can bring that feeling back when you get inside a nice clean, shiny car. It feels like new again.

Make a Good Impression

A clean, good looking car always leaves people with a good impression. It shows that you take pride in the things that you do and that you look after the major things in your life.

If your vehicle is used for business then it’s imperative that you keep it clean. This is the face of your business. If you don’t respect it then what’s the likelihood that you’ll respect your client.

Detailed cars really do stand out. Our customers are often surprised at how much better their car looks even if they have been regularly looking after it themselves.

Germ Free and Health

If you eat, smoke or just spend a lot of time in your car, you often leave particles and matter in the car. Over time the particles and dirt can cause the interior of the car to harbor germs and odour. When you get your car detailed, the professional vacuums your car floors and seats. He also uses special tools to remove sticky materials and particles from hard-to-reach cracks of your car’s inner compartments. A proper detailing job includes both cleaning and disinfecting of the surfaces to kill germs.

Reduce Allergies

A detailing job includes a thorough cleaning of the air vents that bring hot or cold air into the car. Over time, dust particles form on these vents. The particles blow into the car, which could irritate occupants of the car. Cleaning out these vents helps reduce the chance that occupants catch colds or have allergy symptoms. It is also beneficial for car occupants who have asthma symptoms.

Resale Value

If you are planning to sell your car, having it thoroughly detailed can boost its value to a potential buyer and make it potentially easier to sell your car. When a professional details your car it gets a clean smell and look that could improve a buyer’s perception of the car’s condition. A dirty car suggests to a potential owner that you don’t really car about the car and if you couldn’t keep it clean, what’s the likelihood that you looked after all the other parts of the car. Detailing helps remove most traces of the old owner and refreshes the car so that it’s prepared for its new owner. When it comes to selling something, image is everything (well, at least it’s a big factor).

Providing Long Term Protection

Removing contaminants which can eat into the finish (leather, fabric, vinyl, paint, etc.) and sealing it, where appropriate, your car will stay in top condition for a considerably longer period.

Easier to maintain

Getting your vehicle regularly detailed makes it easier to keep clean and less work. A regularly detailed vehicle will not suffer some of the damage that can occur to vehicles that aren’t routinely looked after

Your car operates in an environment that impacts the quality of the exterior .The exterior is sensitive to a host of hazards such as road salt, pollutants and bird droppings. Any and each of these elements can eat away at the cars’ metal, chrome and paintwork. Washing and waxing regularly will keep your car looking like new. The paintwork – which includes a primer and numerous further layers including lacquer – works together as a system so a thorough process should be followed to protect the final finish.

Waxing a car’s exterior goes a long way toward protecting the integrity and condition of its paint job. Wax penetrates deep into a car’s paint, where it attaches itself to each individual paint molecule and acts as a protective barrier to environmental pollutants and contaminants. A good wax job also reduces the damaging effects of the sun’s ultra-violet rays on a car’s paint job and limits sun-induced paint fading. In addition, waxing your car serves the following purposes too.

Promote Exterior Cleanliness

A good wax job helps to keep a car clean and helps to prevent dirt, dust and road grime from sticking to a car’s paint surface. A waxed vehicle surface creates a slippery, non-stick surface that repels many types of environmental and roadside particulate matter, which helps to protect a car’s paint from staining, pitting and streaking. Cars without a good wax job tend to accumulate heavy dirt and grime particulate that, if left for long periods of time, can embed themselves into the paint surface and be very hard to remove.

Improve Vehicle Appearance

A car that has a good, quality wax job simply looks better than a car without one. Besides protecting a car’s paint job, a good wax job makes a car’s paint shine and glisten, and it injects tired, worn old paint with new-found luster. Most car owners who value their car’s appearance have their cars washed and waxed on a regular basis, both to protect and maintain the integrity of their car’s paint but to also make it look better and more appealing.

Extend Vehicle Paint Life

Car paint that is regularly waxed lasts longer and holds up better over time than car paint that is rarely waxed. The degrading effects of environmental factors combined with the simple passage of time slowly degrades car paint and causes it to break down and even crack and peel. Keeping car paint regularly waxed protects it from the sunlight, dirt and grime that are so damaging to car paint and significantly reduce its lifespan.

Prevent Oxidation

Oxidation, which is a form of paint fading typically caused by exposure to high heat, is a typical problem affecting most older paint jobs. Oxidation commonly affects a car’s hood, where heat from the engine radiates to the hood panel and exposes the paint on the hood to extremely high temperatures. The car roof and trunk are two other common areas that experience high levels of oxidation due to the direct sunlight that strikes these areas. A good wax job protects each individual paint molecule from excessive heat absorption and greatly reduces the incidence of paint oxidation.

In addition to serving the above purposes, a good polishing job will also benefit in the following ways:

Shine and Gloss

The natural shine and gloss of the paint returns after a waxing. While washing a car removes dirt, dust and debris, waxing it increases the look and appearance of its paint by revitalising the paint molecules.

Resists Dirt

The wax repels road grime, environmental pollutants and tree droppings – all of which are prime car paint offenders. The less road grime and environmental debris that attaches to a car’s paint surface, the cleaner the car will remain and the easier it will be to clean.

Sun Fighter

Car wax coats the vehicle’s paint with a protective barrier that resists and deflects the sun’s ultraviolet rays, which keeps a vehicle’s paint job looking better for longer periods. The sun is notorious for causing premature vehicle paint breakdown and damage.

Restoring Paint

Faded car paint, which is normally the result of exposure to excessive temperatures, usually from the sun but oftentimes from engine heat (especially on the hood of the car), looks lifeless and loses its natural color and shine. A wax coat can restore near-normal color and shine.

Water Spots

Water spots are less likely to form. Water drops often form when areas of trapped water on or around a car’s body moldings or window molding trickle out and run down the sides of the vehicle body. These pool in a recessed area on the paint surface and dry. A waxed surface encourages water to bead up, or gel, and run down the sides of the car and onto the ground.

Much like your car, a boat requires regular cleaning and waxing to keep it looking its best. Vinyl seats, Bimini tops and boat covers need a waterproof protectant with strong UV blockers. Metal surfaces must be polished to remove salt corrosion and protected to slow down future corrosion. Isinglass needs regular polishing and sealing to maintain clarity and to prevent yellowing, cracking and clouding. With regular maintenance, all these jobs can be relatively quick and easy. The harsh sea environment can take a heavy toll on your boat. With the proper detailing and maintenance program from Street Dreams, your investment will last forever and continue to look like new.

We offer a variety of cleaning and detailing services to boat owners in San Diego. Our professional boat detailing services include:

Steam cleaning interior

Interior cleaning is equally sufficient and thorough. Storage lockers and hatches where mold and mildew usually start are steamed clean to precision. Our experts annihilate scuff marks, bird stains, and rust on every slip and turn. The helm stations including instrument panels, throttles, wheel, cushions, and exterior chairs are inspected and restored to neat and grime-free condition.

Steam cleaning exterior

Exterior cleaning involves removal of any dirt, grime, and impurities that may have built up on the boat. Special attention is provided in detailed areas of your boat such as the rails, rod holders and wood trim. Our experts are keen on keeping the bright-work of your boats polished and clean. Wet sanding is applied on the hull to avoid scraping and fresh coat of Clear-Coat wax seals the deal.

Hull and topsides exterior boat detailing is offered separately.

Our aircraft services will ensure that your aircraft is looking great for the next flight. Our services include wiping and cleaning all exterior surfaces; vacuuming, trash removal, cleaning of all interior surfaces; cleaning and sanitising lavatory and galley; organizing interior items and detailing cabin entry.

Exterior Services

dentl-8Wet Wash

Our wet washing technique insures that the entire exterior of the aircraft is completely clean and free of debris. The aircraft is dry and spot free when complete. Service recommended for aircraft that have been exposed to harsh or corrosive conditions, like saltwater areas.

Exterior Wax

Regular exterior wax applications will not only keep you aircraft looking great and protect your paint, but it will also extend the life of the paint greatly. All of our waxes are aircraft approved and silicone free.

Exterior Paint Machine Buff and Polish

Machine polishing is recommended for paint that is oxidized or faded. This restores and seals the paint for protection and helps to reduce parasitic drag. Once the aircraft is machined buffed we then hand polish the aircraft to bring the high gloss finish back to the paint. Even very old paint can usually be brought back to looking like new. A great service and alternative to having the aircraft painted.

Interior Services

dentl-9Complete Interior Detail

Our thorough interior cleaning and detailing process is truly first-class. All of the carpeting and upholstery vacuumed and then dry cleaned or extracted depending on material. All surfaces are cleaned, sanitized and detailed. All wood and trim is polished. All leather seating and material is cleaned and conditioned. Galleys and lavatories are cleaned and sanitized. Cockpits are cleaned, sanitized and detailed. Cabin entries are detailed and upon request, instrument panels can be cleaned and detailed.

Cleaning Carpet and Upholstery

Our unique cleaning process cleans and sanitizes without damaging to any material.

dentl-10Carpet and Upholstery Extraction

Our steam extraction process deep cleans carpeting and upholstery to get them looking their best. This service is great for high traffic areas.

Leather Cleaning and Conditioning

Our leather cleaning and conditioning service is a great way to maintain the look, feel, color and smell of your fine leather. Regular cleaning and conditioning will prolong the life and look of your leather for years to come.

Stain Removal

We are masters at stain removal. Coffee, wine, ink, soda, food, gum and biological are just a few of the stains that we can almost always successfully remove. Time is critical for easy removal.

Wood and Trim Polishing

Our wood polishing service and products will maximize the shine while resisting fingerprints and dust.

Lavatory and Galley Sanitation

Our cleaning and sanitation services will ensure the safety of your passengers from illness due to spoiled food or biological contaminants.

Do not hear from us only

While our technicians work on your vehicle, we invite you to sit back and relax in our customer lounge. Enjoy complimentary beverages, free Wi-Fi, Netflix streaming, and there are plenty of dining facilities within walking distance. If you’d prefer to drop off your vehicle with us, we will gladly give you a call when it’s done. We also offer specialty services, including pick-up and delivery options, a loaner car program, and mobile services.

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